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It Sounds Like This

August 8 | 6:30pm
Brazos Bookstore & Livestreamed


     Yasmin Treviño didn't have much of a freshman year thanks to Hurricane Humphrey, but she's ready to take sophomore year by storm. That means mastering the marching side of marching band--fast!--so she can outshine her BFF, Sofia, as top of the flute section, earn first chair, and impress both her future college admission boards and her comfortably unattainable drum major crush, Gilberto Reyes.
     But Yasmin steps off on the wrong foot when she reports an anonymous gossip Instagram account harassing new band members and accidentally gets the entire low brass section suspended from extra-curriculars. With no low brass section, the band is doomed, so Yasmin decides to take things into her own hands, learn to play the tuba, and lead a gaggle of rowdy freshman boys who are just as green to marching and playing as she is, She'll happily wrestle an ancient school tuba if it means fixing the mess she might have caused.
     But when the secret Instagram gossiper escalates their campalgn of harassment and Yasmin's friendship with Sofia deteriorates, things at school might be too hard to bear. Luckily, the support of Yasmin's new section -- especially introverted section leader Bloom a sweet ace- and aro-spectrum boy -- might just turn things around.

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